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Frequently asked questions

We are in-network with Medicare and are working on contracting with other Medicare Advantage Plans.

You will be responsible for Medicare B copay and deductible if any. If you have secondary insurance, we can bill your secondary insurance for the copay and deductible.

No, Medicare B covers Outpatient Physical Therapy services at home. You do not have to be homebound to be eligible for our services.

No, You do not need a referral from a physician for the physical therapy evaluation visit in the state of NC. After the evaluation is complete, we will contact your Physician for signature in the plan of care as per Medicare and Medicare Advantage requirements.

Physical Therapy Evaluation Visit will last for approximately 90 Minutes, and Regular Physical Therapy visits will last for around 60 Minutes.

Your frequency will depend on the diagnosis, duration, and severity of your condition. Our goal is to improve your functional independence to get you back to your prior level of function. We will develop your Home Exercise Program for you to continue after the discharge.

RehaBalance will perform a comprehensive evaluation based on the CDC’s STEADI Algorithm. We categorize the patient to Low, Moderate, and High-Risk Fall Interventions. RehaBalance will perform a Multifactorial Risk Assessment for High Fall Risk patients and will provide an intervention tailored to the patient’s needs. RehaBalance specializes in the Otago Exercise Program, an evidence-based intervention for fall prevention.

The Otago Exercise Program is a series of progressive strength and balance exercises, which reduces falls by 35% – 40% in frail older adults. It is delivered by a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapy Assistant only in the patient’s home. Under the Otago Exercise Program, RehaBalance will provide a minimum of 5 Visits in 8 Weeks during Clinical Phase, followed by Self-Management Phase for 4-10 Months. The Physical Therapist will be in contact with patients through phone calls every month and visits at 6 and 12 months if needed.


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We accept Medicare at this time. We are working on contracting with other Medicare Advantage Plans.

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